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Main Street Mercantile is the theme of our next issue of Nourish and Flourish, an established national special interest publication. We will take our readers on a journey across the country to meet the farmers, artisans, producers, and other makers who are showcased on our pages through positive, interactive stories, recipes, and beautiful images to inspire others to buy local from all of our eCommerce stores, hassle-free and safe.

Through our partnership with Craig Ragsdale, owner of Martin Printing, and his team, we provide an essential community function by creating a national publication for local food producers, artisans, makers, and other companies to sell directly to customers. 

We carefully choose participants who use ecologically sustainable methods and produce the highest quality of goods made in America.

As we all confront the “new normal,” interest in supporting American-made products, eCommerce, and companies based in this country who support the local economy has exploded. We are here to bring our readers and consumers directly to the front door of your eCommerce store – it is a win-win for all.

Let’s turn our buying power back to small businesses and support local “Main Street America”!  Together, we have the experience and skills to do something about it and share our stories to encourage a more positive, healthy, and prosperous future

Please consider becoming one of our partners – together we can make a difference!

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About Us
As a group of friends and small business owners would like to introduce you to our latest creative project born out of the devastating effect of Covid-19.  After much soul-searching, we concluded that the time is now to pull together, get back to business, and bring out the best in each other. 

​We were on the verge of some really good things in 2020. Our subscriptions for Nourish and Flourish were growing and our national footprint had expanded to more than 4,500 retail locations. Plans were in place to begin working on new stories across the country for issues 3 and 4. Then came the pandemic shutdown which forced us to a screeching halt.  Our Spring and Summer editions were put on hold which stopped the momentum.

Our hopes and dreams were shattered. . .  a heartbreaking end to so many years of work. Like the rest of the world, we had to pivot and re-create a new recipe for survival.

We decided to utilize our vast publishing and storytelling experience, network, resources, established distribution channels, and unique creative skills to develop and launch Main Street Mercantile, a special-interest publication that focuses specifically on promoting direct-to-consumer eCommerce sales for all of us.

As our title suggests, (Nourish and Flourish) we are focused  on connecting our readers to a better, more balanced, and prosperous life while supporting local businesses.

Over the last seven months, we have spent much time talking with other like-minded people who are in the same situation as we are: families to feed, bills to pay, patience fraying, depression sinking in. 

The question is “What should we do?”

The answer? “We help each other!” 

With your participation, we can get the publication back on track and bring business direct to your door and the customer. 

​From our creative team to you, we look forward to working with you!

Nancy Suttles                        Morgan Rhodes                      Sarah Bell                    Karin Amatriain
Creative Director                  Senior Producer                      Copy Editor                 Stylist + Designer

Mark McAbee


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