When Action and Art Meet

As a motorsports photographer, I’m always looking for a new location or different ways of getting the shot. Since we visit the same tracks each season, it’s a big challenge. You want to get your client the iconic location shots but you also want to give them a little something extra that’s more artsy. Panning is a great way to play with color, motion and light.

Here are few of my Rolex 24 photos from this past weekend. If you have questions, leave me a comment below.

1/40 sec at f / 6.3

1/80 sec at f / 5.6

1/8 sec at f / 11

1/15 sec at f / 5.0

1/4 sec at f / 14

1/8 sec at f / 9

1/8 sec at f / 9.0

1/8 sec at f / 9.0

All photos © Morgan Rhodes ~ Journey Blue Media

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