2020 Rolex 24: The Book

“2020 Rolex 24” features the best images from the weekend by Morgan Rhodes,  Journey Blue Media. Publisher, Designer and Strategic Partner: Nancy Suttles, Veracity Media Group.

The Rolex 24, which is known today as America’s most prestigious sports car event, became a 2,000-kilometer race in 1964 and then a 24-hour race beginning in 1966.  The 2020 endurance race featured a record crowd and an international line-up of cars and drivers. The atmosphere was exciting and electric. The decent weather added to the record distance achieved on the racetrack of 833 laps – 25 more laps than the previous record. 

“ People come from all over the world. I love the International Horseshoe. It’s got all the flags of the drivers that are participating. No matter what language they speak, what country they’re from, what carmaker brand is on their shirt, when we come together, there is one common language that everybody is speaking. That is the passion for this sport.” – John Doonan, President, IMSA

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