Puratos Group

The Allure of Chocolate

JUST RELEASED! For all chocolate lovers!! This beautifully crafted, interative, ad-free publication features the story of chocolate from ancient times to present along with delectable chocolate recipes and gorgeous photos. Learn all about the Cacao-Trace program and the farmers who benefit across the world. For some 3,500 years , chocolate has been at the center of world history. From its beginnings around 1500 B.C.E. as a ceremonial drink in the ancient Olmec,

N+F Interactive QR Codes

A NEW MEDIA EXPERIENCE! We open doors to more information than the pages alone can contain. In this edition, Nourish and Flourish have introduced interactive QR codes. Where the codes take you will change over time–to new recipes, videos, and expanded editorial content from all around the world. Take a moment to experience this new dynamic media platform and get an inside look at Puratos – Cocoa Trace. Learn more